Constraining Arctic Carbon-Cycle Feedbacks

In October 2018 I started a five year independent research fellowship funded by the Natural Environment Research Council. My aim is to answer a big question: What will happen to carbon stores in Arctic soils and plants as the climate changes? This has implications for how much carbon humans can emit through burning fossil fuels, to meet climate change targets.

PhD Students

A PhD studentship is funded as part of the project. This position has been filled by Noah Smith who will start in September 2019. More to follow!

Project Partners

Dr. Eleanor Burke (Met Office, UK)

Dr. Hanna Lee (Uni Research Bergen, Norway)

Prof. Sebastian Westermann (University of Oslo, Norway)

Dr. Gustaf Hugelius (University of Stockholm, Sweden)

Dr. Philipp Porada (University of Potsdam, Germany)

Prof. Mat Williams (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Field work

Measuring snow depths at Iskoras, Northern Norway, in order to model the site.

I am also doing my first ever lab work, measuring the properties of soil that I took home from Iskoras in September 2018. The next visit is planned for early July 2019, when I will collect the snow sticks and help Hanna with measurements.